Dear Nortonites









We hope that everybody has kept well.

It is a while since we last spoke to you and we’d like to apologise for that. Believe us, we hate it when we’re apart for too long.

We wanted to give you an update about where Norton is at the moment.

After an exhaustive search, we have finally got a new guitarist on board. Richard Murray is an excellent musician and a fine guitarist and we would like to give him a big warm welcome aboard.

All of this week, we are band of the week exclusively on


There are downloads, giveaways and interviews with the band. There is also a live session going out on Thursday evening. Please make sure you log on a check it out.

We will be performing an acoustic set on  hosted by Rob Bailey this Thursday night with our Stephy Boy giving an interview.
We'll be on between 7 and 10pm. Make sure that you're tuned in!

We are currently sorting out what gigs Norton wants to play over the coming months, but we do have one confirmed on Thursday the 26th April for Xfm at The Purple Turtle. As ever, it would be great to see you down the front.

Now people….control yourselves….I am glad to announce that Norton T-Shirts are now available! Now I don’t mean to alarm you, but there are a limited number available and so be quick They will be available from this Friday!

You can view and order your t-shirts via our website

We also have a limited number of our last EP, ‘My Ties Is My Noose’. These are again available through


Thank you all for your continued Norton commitment. It is much appreciated.

See you down the front


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